Map and Schedule

Map of dragon boat events

Schedule of dragon boat events

No. Event Date and location
1 Opening press conference in Calafat 25.09.2018, Municipality Cultural House Calafat
2 Opening press-conference in Vidin 11.10.2018, in hotel Neptun in Vidin
3 Alternative tourism seminar 12.06.2019 in Transimpex restaurant in Lom
4 Alternative tourism seminar 14.06.2019 in Old House restaurant in Oryahovo
5 Alternative tourism seminar 18.06.2019 in the seminar hall of hotel Danube Plaza in Ruse
6 Alternative tourism seminar 20.06.2019 in the seminar hall of Municipality Svishtov in Svistov
7 Alternative tourism seminar 25.06.2019 in the seminar hall of hotel Neptun, Vidin
8 Dragon Triathlon 27-28.07 2019, from Rabisha Lake to Belogradchik
9 Rowing simulation event 30.06.2019 in Vratsa in the center at square “Sumi”
10 Alternative tourism seminar 02.07.2019 in Drobeta Turnu Severin in the Conference Hall of the Hotel Continental
11 Rowing simulation event 03.07.2019 in Drobeta Turnu Severin in Park Traian.
12 Rowing simulation event 04.07.2019 in Craiova in Park N. Romanescu
13 Alternative tourism seminar 06.07.2019in Turnu Magurele in Restaurant Royal Palace
14 Alternative tourism seminar 08.07.2019 in Giurgiu in the Conference Hall of the Hotel Sud.
15 Rowing simulation event 13.07.2019 in Pleven in the square in front of the Center for Children
16 Rowing simulation event 20.07.2019 in Veliko Tarnovo in the city park Marno Pole
17 Dragon boat festival 5-6.9.2019, Lom on the Danube at the town beach
18 Dragon boat festival 7-8.9.2019, Oryahovo on the Danube at the town beach
19 MInimarathon „Dragon boats“ 19-20.10.2019 in Orsova on the Danube River
20 Alternative tourism seminar 22.10.2019 in Calafat in the Conference Hall of the Restaurant OK
21 Dragon boat festival 25-26.10.2019, Vidin on the Danube at the town beach near the fortress Bab Vida
22 Dragon boat festival 27-28.10.2019 – Calafat on the Danube River
23 Dragon boat festival 24-25.07.2020 in Svistov on the Danube in the area of the Monuments  
24 Dragon boat festival 26-27.07.2020 in Turnu Magurele on the Danube River
25 Dragon boat festival 7-8 August 2020 in Giurgiu on the Canal Cama
26 Dragon boat festival 9-10 August 2020 Ruse area – dam Nikolovo
27 Dragon boat festival 14-15 August 2020 Drobeta Turnu Severin
28 Rowing simulation event 19 August 2020 Calarasi in Central Park
29 Alternative tourism seminar 20 August 2020 Calarasi in Queen Restaurant
30 Dragon boat festival 21-22 August 2020 Calarasi on the Canal Siderurgic
31 Dragon boat mini marathon 23-24 August 2020 Silistra at the fishermen harbor near restaurant Nikulden
32 Closing press-conference in Vidin 9.10.2020, Vidin in the seminar hall of hotel Neptun, Vidin
33 Closing press conference in Calafat 29.10.2020, Calafat in the Conference Hall of the Municipality Cultural House Calafat

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