Dragon boat triathlon

Within 2 days will be organized in a one of the most touristic places in the CBC area of Bulgaria a unique sport event – dragon triathlon with 80 participants. This event will be organized for the first time in the area

The objective of the event is to promote through a sport event the unique nature from Rabisha lake close to Magura cave, the central most beautiful massive of Belogradchik rocks to the top of fortress Kaleto itself.
For the organization of this event the project beneficiaries will also rely on volunteers from the biking club Skala to hold posts – deliver water and show the right way at intersections during the event, but also to take care of the routes for biking.
This dragon triathlon event will consist of 3 phases:

Phase 1: dragon boat part. The participants will have free trainings and then will start from Rabisha lake and row in dragon boats to make one full round of the lake.

Phase 2: biking. In this phase the event becomes individual and the participants take their bikes to overcome the distance from Rabisha lake to the center of Belogradchik. There’ll be volunteers to guide the participants in the right direction and provide water. The route passes along routes with extraordinary sights and the biking phase finishes in the center of town Belogradchik

Phase 3: running. Here the participants leave their bikes at the square and run the last few kilometers to the top of Kaleto fortress, where is the final.
Every participant will have a personal number and his time for first, second and final third stage will be measured.
Every participant will receive promotional materials such as cap, T-shirt, diploma, etc.
For the first 80 participants will be provided catering and accommodation.