Dragon boat festivals

Dragon boat festivals will be organized in 10 towns along the Danube in the CBC area: Vidin, Lom, Oryahovo, Svistov, Ruse and Drobeta Turnu Severin, Calafat, Turnu Magurele, Giurgiu, Calarasi. Each festival will last 2 days and will be attended by 40 local and 40 cross-border participants. For the organization of the festivals will be needed technical organization of Dragon boat festival, including the following professional human support: 2 motorboat captains, 4 lifeguards, 2 promoters, 4 instructors, 2 drum beaters, 2 gondoliers, presenter of the show and sound operator.

All dragon boats and safety boats will enter the Danube at the same time and will perform a show according to previously developed program. This festival will be a great event for every place where it is held and will gather many people to watch it.