Lead Beneficiary – ARDBC-Vidin

ARDBC-Vidin is a NGO created in 1997 to support the development of private business, agricultural producers, NGOs and municipalities in Vidin region. Ever since ARDBC – Vidin has implemented more that 40 projects, financed by pre-accessing funds and operational programs.
The organization realizes continuously the following main activities: provides business incubation service; organizes trainings for computer and language skills and also vocational trainings, provides business services. Implements project activities and initiatives related to the development of the region, promoting the mobility of people in the cross-border area, building a network of electric bicycles and creating tourist products for the use of natural heritage and cultural sites.

  • web:
  • email:
  • phone: 00359 94 600017
  • address: 77 Hristo Botev Street, Vidin, Bulgaria

Beneficiary 2: LEASME Calafat

Local Employers’ Association for Small and Middle Enterprises (LEASME) Calafat has the objective of:
Promoting the development opportunities of the Calafat area; Cooperating with other national and European structures from the cross-border area; Representing, sustaining and defending, in an organized environment of the SME`s and all private economical agents interests in their interaction with the local, regional and central Public Authorities;

  • web:
  • email:
  • phone: +40 251 231175 / +40 251 333046
  • address: T. Vladimirescu blvd. 26, Calafat, Romania

Beneficiary 3: Associaton „Consult-Group“

The Non Gorvernment Organisation „Consult Group” operates in sport and tourism events included: organize sports competitions, youth sports activities and educational games, public benefit activities, science and culture, Development and strengthening of spiritual values help the needy, protect human rights and the environment, social and ethnic integration.

  • email:
  • phone: +359 878 888 862
  • address: Tsar Simeon Veliki 180, Vidin, Bulgaria